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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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The School Council have been thinking of new, exciting ways of keeping our learning active.  We decided to spend some of our PTA money on creating a healthy, active vibe at Poringland.  This summer we decided to focus our attention on lunch times and increase the fun of this time of the day.  We got together and ordered a variety of equipment, which the whole school share together.  Through the school council and assemblies, we are exploring ideas as to how we can stay healthy and have fun playing different games.  Here are some of the equipment we are using:

  • LOLO Balls for balance.
  • Skipping ropes for individual and team fitness.
  • French skipping elastic for developing footwork.
  • Foam frisbies for throwing and catching.
  • Diablos for hand eye coordination.
  • Space hoppers for balance and fun.
  • Giant chess and Connect 4 for thinking skills.
  • Stilts for balance and movement.

At Poringland, we believe that a healthy body leads to a successful, healthy mind.