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This term in Fritton and Ormesby, we have been playing glockenspiels and the buckets as well as watching keyboard and piano performances. 

The ‘Bucket Beat’ is when you make music using…you guessed it… A BUCKET!  We have learnt three different rhythms: ‘In and Out’, ‘I like playing the Bucket Beat’ and ‘We will Rock You’.  Shortly we will be taking part in a Zoom where we will be playing the buckets with other schools. 

Now, on to the glockenspiels. We’ve learnt many tunes and to help, we clapped the rhythms and sang the melody, following the music on a stave, before we out them together on the percussion instrument. 

Last but not least, we finish with the piano performances by children who learn this instrument in school.  Several Year 5 pupils performed short pieces outside, under the pavilion canopy as it was a sunny day.  There were many enjoyable performances and everyone got a big round of applause at the end.

By Bethany G. and Isabelle S.

Bucket Beats in Ormesby Class