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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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Our vision statement for History

History is good in our school when:

EnthusedSkillsPracticalWider curriculum
Children are interested and engaged with their learning and by the experiences we provide.Children are able to use precise history vocabulary They use a variety of sources, through different mediums.Children learn through a variety of ways, visiting museums and historical sites and having visitors and  interactive and role-play activities in school.Children use their learning of history to practice English literacy skills, inspire Art and Design and put ICT skills to use. 
So that…
They are inspired to learn and achieve highly.They are able to describe and explain past events, putting events in to context and make connections. 
They enjoy learning and feel a connection with past events by their experiences.They use their learning in history to inform and inspire their other learning such as writing, art, drama as well as their questioning skills.