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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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Our shared vision for drama…

Children use drama as a means to explore and develop the characters that they create and read about. They play games that develop their vocabulary and articulation.Children can improvise characters and devise their own performances, presentations and readings, as well as rehearse a scripted show.Children are given the opportunities to perform through class assemblies, Christmas performances, the talent show, the year six production and in lessons.Children identify positive things about their own performances and the performances of others. They make suggestions for improvements.
So that…
Children can engage with characters, texts and new language in a practical way, which may then enhance their written work.Children have the chance to take ownership of their learning and develop their collaborative skills.All children are able and encouraged to participate in a performance in a way that’s suited to their needs and confidence levels.Children can explain what they did well and consider their areas of development as they progress in their learning in drama.
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Script writing workshop at Warner Studios Tour
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Portals to the Past: Ancient Egyptian Workshop
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Poringland’s Got Talent