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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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Design Technology in our school is good when:

Pupils have a natural curiosity and an enthusiasm to solve problemsPupils express their design ideas with creativity and enthusiasmPupils have practical experience of the design and making processesPupils evaluate ideas and productsPupils understand the principles of a healthy and varied diet
So that…
They recognise that they can take practical steps to impact positively by fulfilling their needs or the needs of others.They can effectively communicate how they are going to solve a given problem.They develop technical expertise and can confidently perform everyday tasks using a range of tools and materials, whilst managing their own safety and the safety of others.They can use their knowledge to inform their future decision making.Make informed decisions about their own lifestyles and menu choices.

Please click on the link below to see how the skills and knowledge are built on year on year in DT: