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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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  • Continuing to improve outdoor areas for play and learning, including the completion of our ‘Woodland Wonderland’ Infant Play Area and our outdoor classrooms for our Reception classes;
  • Maintaining a bright and engaging learning environment throughout the school building;
  • Looking to create new spaces for our learners to use within our premises;
  • Reviewing and improving all aspects of our rich curriculum as we continue to evolve our teaching and learning;
  • Improving the range of resources for teaching Science, Maths and PE;
  • Providing every classroom with a range of new resources to enhance learning environments;
  • Continuing to improve communication across the school, including weekly newsletters;
  • Promoting mental health and wellbeing through the role of the Mental Health Champion and participation in local and national initiatives;
  • After lockdown, re-establishing Pupil Leaders: Digital Leaders, Wellbeing Leaders, PATHS play leaders; EACH fundraising team, etc.
  • Introducing new ideas and equipment for games and activities during play;
  • Fundraising from our PTA.
  • Continuing to improve the wildlife area;
  • Promoting emotional literacy through PATHS; 
  • Promoting enrichment opportunities, e.g. sports and music;
  • Including our Governors in the life of the school, with direct links between individual Governors and Subject Leaders.
  • Establishing a strong feeling of identity and pride attached to Poringland.


  • Using Specialist P.E. coaches to develop skills (children in Year 1-6);
  • Using Sports Premium to upskill Teaching Assistants to teacher PE across the school;
  • Promoting inter-school competition by entering a range of tournaments (tri-golf, cross-country, tag rugby, tennis, netball, basketball, cricket, athletics);
  • Organising regular fixtures for football and netball once government guidance allows;
  • Planning lessons that encourage active learning;
  • Whole school themed days;
  • Introducing new equipment to play with at break times;
  • Ensuring that there is new equipment to deliver the PE curriculum;
  • Ensuring that there is a range of extra-curricular clubs;
  • Finding innovative ways to continue with physical activity within the restrictions of COVID-19, e.g. yoga in the classroom.


  • Organising exciting educational visits;
  • Organising residential trips for older pupils (York and How Hill);
  • Inviting visiting experts to inspire us all;
  • Staff to collaborate with inspirational schools to learn new ideas, including VNET (e.g. professional communities);
  • Sharing assemblies with inspirational themes;
  • Creating outdoor learning facilities to inspire our learners;
  • Introducing new games and sports to play outside;
  • Improving Computing facilities and introducing new technologies;
  • Introducing new learning resources;
  • Installing modern interactive whiteboards across the school and in the hall;
  • Continuing to produce outstanding displays to maintain and inspiring learning environment;
  • Exploring creative whole school projects/ideas;
  • Experimenting with creative teaching methods;
  • Inspiring fundraising events from the PTA;
  • Promoting inspirational experiences such as singing at the O2 Arena.


  • Continuing to teach children and adults about healthy living;
  • Continuing to learn how the brain operates when learning;
  • Continuing to understand the link between a healthy body and healthy mind;
  • Exploring new ways to become a healthy school;
  • Continuing to develop the school grounds for active lessons;
  • Promoting healthy break time snacks and packed lunches;
  • Working with parents to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle;
  • Developing active lessons that engage body and mind;
  • Improving the toilets for adults and children;
  • Creating displays that promote our healthy ethos around school;
  • Supporting pupils to voice their ideas opinions;
  • Improving opportunities to learn to cook healthy food at school;
  • Ensuring that the work/life balance of our staff is healthy;
  • Encouraging out of school interests for children and adults;
  • More opportunities for parents to engage in their children’s learning.


  • Children who enjoy coming to our school;
  • Children who are healthy and mentally well;
  • Children who love challenge and adventure;
  • Children who are used to being taken out of their comfort zone;
  • Children who have opportunities to inspire them;
  • Children who are active in their learning;
  • Children who compete against other schools;
  • Children who excel across our rich curriculum;
  • Children who eat healthily;
  • Children who help keep the building clean and tidy;
  • Children who understand their emotions and feelings;
  • Children who respect each other and the staff at all times;
  • Children who see the purpose of their learning, and who can make links to the world around them;
  • Children who always strive to learn more;
  • Children who champion our Vision;
  • Children who love P.E. and being active;
  • Children who are proud of their school and local community;
  • Children who succeed in their learning at Poringland.