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GOVERNORS MESSAGE from Jo Francis – Chair of Governors.

The beginning of the 2021/22 academic year saw a change in Chair of Governors with Jo
Francis taking over from Janette Johns after a 5 year reign as Chair. We would like to thank
her for all her hard work and support during this time and the preceding years as a
We were pleased to have a year without any Covid interruptions and were able to
reintroduce school trips, sporting fixtures and visitors into school to complement the lessons
being taught in the classrooms. More of the same is planned for this year.
During the year we said farewell and good luck to our Deputy Head Mr Walker who had
taught at the school for a number of years. It was a big responsibility to find an adequate
replacement but we were thrilled to appoint Mrs Howard to the role. She has settled in very
well and been a great support to Mr Dean.
The year 6 students were celebrated at the end of term not only for their excellent academic
results but also for their sporting achievements and personal qualities. Their teachers were
sad to see them leave. We wish them well for their next step at High School.
We also said goodbye to a number of long serving staff members; Mrs Eastick, Mrs Mancini,
Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Hampson together with Mrs Nazarova who has been with us a
shorter length of time.
We would like to welcome the new Nursery and Reception children who will now be
attending each day. We hope you have settled in and are enjoying your introduction to
Poringland Primary School and Nursery. Also joining us this September are our new
teachers in year 6 and Nursery; Mrs Vinsen and Mrs Newell; we look forward to supporting
you during your time at the school.
During the current academic year we would like to involve parents in their child’s learning
journey by introducing them to our new curriculum which has been launched this month.
Year group meetings have been held over the last couple of weeks which we hope you have
found useful and interesting.
The Governing Body are planning a science day at school where we will observe what
children across the school are learning. We want to increase the visits into school now that
life is back to normal. The Chair had a visit to the school last week where she visited all of
the classrooms to meet the children who were all very well behaved and engrossed in their
All Governors have all been given new school email addresses which are available from the
Office. The Chair of Governors can be emailed at jofrancis@poringland.norfolk.sch.uk and
the Vice Chair at beckyanderson@poringland.norfolk.sch.uk.

Poringland Primary School and Nursery Governing Body