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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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Senior Leadership Team

Mr P. Dean – Headteacher

Mr M. Walker – Deputy Headteacher

Mr A. Ringwood – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E. Dewing – SENDCo


Teaching Staff

Miss G. Brinded

Mrs M. Coomer

Mrs C. Eastick

Mrs A. Edwards

Mrs J. Endall

Mrs P. Gardner

Mrs K. Hamilton

Mrs C. Hayes

Mrs S. Jackson

Mrs R. Prewer

Mrs H. Radmore

Miss J. Whittington

Mr M. Woodhams


The School Office

Mrs R. Palmer – Secretary

Miss T. Holmes – Administrative Assistant

Mrs D. Willrich – Administrative Assistant


Teaching Assistants

Mrs A. Adcock

Miss K. Appleton

Mrs S. Arundell

Mrs S. Byatt

Mrs A. Clark

Mrs S. Cullen

Mrs S. Cunningham

Mrs S. Edmunds

Mrs S. Gibbs

Mrs J. Drewry

Mrs C. Gallen

Mrs T. Hampson

Miss L. Henning

Mrs C. Hitchcox

Mrs S. Larsson

Mrs T. Mancini

Mrs R. Pearce

Mrs R. Pemberton

Mrs D. Rivers

Mrs K. Seager

Mrs D. Williams

Mrs T. Wilson-Berry


Site Manager

Mr R. Meads



Mrs J. Henry

Ms D. Wright


Catering Staff

Mrs S. Aldis

Mrs P. Hoffman

Mrs Z. Sheehan

Mrs V. Smy

Mrs D. Spooner


Midday Supervisors

Mrs K. Baxter

Mrs N. Buttolph

Miss A. Cheeseman

Mrs S. Elliston

Mrs A. Fallon

Mrs P. Harris

Mrs J. Hunter

Miss A. Loasby

Mrs N. McAllister

Mrs F. Miller

Mrs S. Moy

Mrs J. Thompson

Mrs M. Watts

Mrs K. Webber

Mrs K. Webster