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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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(The desired end result)


(How to get the end result)




(Financial and staff time requirements)


(Done/ not yet done/ effectiveness?)


Wildlife garden attracts lots of wildlife and is used for outdoor learning





School environment is attractive, safe and free from litter




Each class has an Eco Buddy responsible that day for switching off lights, recycling, watering plants etc.



Flowers and vegetables planted in wildlife area and in planters around the school grounds

















Plant things in the tyres, buy more plants, look after the pond, put up more bird boxes, paint shed and tidy it up, insect homes.





Litter pick: 1st Tuesday of every month break/lunch time





Lanyard competition: announced by Eco Council in assembly. Whole school involved in designing an Eco Buddy lanyard. Best design from each class made into the Eco Buddy lanyard.



Plant flowers and veg around the school.

















Spring Term







Spring / Summer term



Donations from parents / local garden centres

School staff / parents to support



Eco Council + Eco Buddies





Support from teachers






Ask for Donations from local garden centres

Adults to supervise and support