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Guitar Assembly, December 2017


Over thirty children and Mr Cooper wowed the school and parents with their guitar and ukulele recital.  They performed a number of songs including ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Lean on Me’ and ‘My Heart Will Go On.’  We are very proud to have so many talented youngsters in our midst.

Young Voices Concert, 2018

Something very exciting is happening at Poringland Primary School and Nursery. For the first time ever, 41 Juniors are going to be part of a Young Voices Concert in 2018. This will be happening on 2nd February 2018 at the O2 Arena.

We are learning 18 different pieces but some of them have 6 songs in them!

The Young Voices have been putting on concerts for over 20 years and we will be singing with 5,000 other children.

On the 22nd of November, the O2 Choir completed a Sponsored Sing to raise money for the coach to London. We had to raise over £700!

We sang in assembly, and then we split into groups.  Each group completed two or three 20-minute slots of singing. It didn’t matter if they were O2 songs or not!

Not only have we hopefully raised lots of money, but we also had fun and feel more confident performing.

by Amelia and Phoebe