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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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We have a dedicated team of Digital Leaders, who support their classmates, Mrs Baker and the other teachers, with Computing.  It’s a great opportunity for them to develop confidence and to use their leadership skills.

Autumn Fundraising Project, 2018

This term, the Digital Leaders are organising a Bake Off event to raise money to purchase a TV screen for the entrance foyer.  This will allow visitors to the school to find out all the latest news from around the school, and to enjoy lots of pictures, photographs and other images.

E-safety Competition, Spring 2018

Last term, Year 4 and 5 were asked to create a SMART rules poster to share with the school what they had been learning in their E-safety lessons. Well done to everyone for their posters, which were of a very high standard. This made it a very tough decision to decide upon the winners and the Digital Leaders helped to select the winners.

Congratulations to Annie, who won 1st place, and Joshua, who won 2nd place for their fantastic SMART rules posters. These posters are now on display around the school, as well as on the laptop trollies to remind everyone how to stay safe online.

Digital Leaders comp

Micro:bit equipment donation

A big thank you to Rob Bird at Cube Connection Ltd for a generous donation of 5 micro:bit starter kits and 3 sets of Inventors Kits. This has helped us to begin our journey of acquiring a class set of micro:bit equipment, enabling children to take part in physical programming. After half term, our Digital Leaders will be getting to grips with this new technology before our KS2 classes start to use it. Microbits can now be loaned from a selection of Norfolk libraries. Check out your local library to find out more.