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Young Voices Concert, 2018

Something very exciting has happened at Poringland Primary School and Nursery. For the first time ever, 41 Juniors have taken part in a Young Voices Concert in 2018. This occurred on 2nd February 2018 at the O2 Arena.

The Young Voices have been putting on concerts for over 20 years and our school choir was able to sing with 5,000 other children.

Sponsored Sing

On the 22nd of November, the O2 Choir completed a Sponsored Sing to raise money for the coach to London. We had to raise over £700!

We sang in assembly, and then we split into groups.  Each group completed two or three 20-minute slots of singing. It didn’t matter if they were O2 songs or not!

Not only have we hopefully raised lots of money, but we also had fun and began to feel more confident about performing.



The week of the concert…

The children worked incredibly hard to learn over 20 songs, some with dance accompaniments. Not only that, but through the Sponsored Sing and the generosity of local charities and businesses, enough money was raised to pay for the children’s bus and for a hot meal at the O2. A big thank you to all who donated.

Family and friends of choir members, who are not able to listen to us in London, were invited to school on Monday 29th January, when the choir put on a performance for the school.

Comments from the performers…

I’m looking forward to singing with my friends. Lucy K

I’m really looking forward to this brilliant opportunity. It’s really inspiring. Eden

I’m looking forward to the amazing and awe-inspiring experience of singing with so many amazing people. Lucy S

I think that there is more power when you sing in a group. Elizabeth

I am looking forward to the experience. Lucy B

I am out of this world with this opportunity, and will grow from this. Niamh

It has been fun and exciting to practise and sing. Sophie

To sing my heart out! Joseph

I am looking forward to singing in a big venue in London with 5000 other children. Fraser

I’m excited to sing with lots of other children because the atmosphere will be great! Evie T

I’m looking forward to this chance to sing with thousands of other children. Georgia

Singing with a lot of other people will make a lot of noise and it will be a thing to remember. Charlotte C

Singing with lots of other kids in the O2 where famous people have sung. Amelia W

I’m looking forward to singing with 5000 other children. Ameera

I am really looking forward to be singing at the O2 with my friends. Kaylea

The Day of the Concert – Friday 2nd February 2018

Family and friends were completely blown away by the Young Voices choir, made up of 7,705 children last week at the O2.  The highly professional concert consisted of a wide range of music, from modern pop songs to those based on classical tunes, and some specially composed for Young Voices.  Appearances from Alfie Sheard, Natalie Williams, and the hugely popular Urban Strides dance group completed the evening.


Our choir enjoyed a walk around Greenwich Peninsula before an afternoon of practising. Our school was very lucky to have seats in the middle of the front section. Mrs Hayes and Mr Dean were very impressed by the commitment shown by the children and their impeccable behaviour all day. It was fun waving to parents in the hour before the concert started!

It was a truly memorable experience. Thank you to parents for supporting their children in their preparation, to the parent helpers, and to Mrs Hayes for organising the trip.

Comments from the children:

The beat boxer in The M4gnets was cool.  Joseph

I loved it and I think we will grow stronger as a choir.  Niamh

My favourite bit was standing in front of all those people whilst singing and feeling more confident in myself.  Elizabeth

My favourite moment was when we arrived at the O2 as I had never been to London before.           Lucy K

My favourite bit was when it went dark and everyone swayed with their lights, making patterns.       Eden

We had so much fun. I even saw my parents and brother. It was the best day ever.  Ameera

London O2 was the best day of my life! My favourite part of the show was the Star Wars fight by the Urban Strides dancers.  Grace

I liked the bus ride to London with my friends. I liked Alfie Sheard and The M4gnets the best. Urban Strides were amazing.  Harry

The conductor was brilliant. He works internationally and he was called David. I loved all the amazing songs we sang.  Amelia W