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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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Poringland Primary and Nursery is very proud of it’s attainment and progress in this crucial area of the curriculum. This success comes through effective teaching, with children learning the basic skills well, and having lots of opportunities to apply them to problem solving and practical tasks. It is essential that children see the purpose of Maths in the world around them. It is in so many things around us, and we ensure the children see the subject as more than just answering questions in a book.

New Curriculum

The new curriculum is embedded in the teaching across our school. It is clear that the bar has risen and the expectation of children in each year group has risen, so we must rise too. Teachers use the learning criteria within the new Maths framework to see where the gaps in learning are and to make sure that all the areas of focus are met by our learners. Children are clear on their own targets and these help them meet the standard required of them. Children are well taught and well prepared for a world full of mathematical challenges.

Contextualising Maths

Children are taught in lessons and practice all the main basic skills of Maths. They are then asked to use these skills to solve different problems and challenges around them. Applying Maths to the ‘real’ world is a key aspect to success. Children are encouraged in homework to apply their learning at home, at the shops or to connect Maths to their hobbies and interests. Reasoning and problem solving are a major part of this subject and our job is to connect this to the key skills that are taught. Children are taught to think about Maths in sport, in science, in their topic and can clearly see the links, and the relevance of the subject in everyday life.


Practice makes perfect when trying to master anything. Children at Poringland understand that to master a subject like Maths, they must master all of the components and this requires dedication and practice. Children practice number skills appropriate to their year group and learn how to measure and understand shape and space. They are given test practice to help them deal with applying their learning to test conditions. They are taught and encouraged to learn their tables and can see how often these tables are used in their daily life. Success depends on the balance between learning the key skills and then applying them and this is a balance we feel we get right.