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Key Stage 2 – Overview

At Poringland Primary School, we strive to teach active, informative lessons that inspire children to learn. We look to ensure that the whole of the curriculum requirements are met by the time the children reach the end of Key Stage 2. From September 2018, Key Stage Two children will be taught in single-age classes, with a two-year rolling program of topics in Years 3 and 4, and a a two-year rolling program of topics in Years 5 and 6.

Each term focuses on one topic and this topic interlinks the subjects across the curriculum. This means that learning makes sense to children and teachers find innovative ways of linking different areas of the curriculum to one central theme. Two year groups follow the same topic so that assemblies and activities make sense and the children can share their learning experiences with children in other classes.

Our teachers have a wide range of skills and expertise and we utilise their strengths and knowledge across the Key Stage. We share good practice and exciting ideas, it is very much a team effort. Trips that children go on link to the topic and we shape our topic and vision with parents at the start of each term.

In Key Stage 2, we use our topics to deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014).  For Religious Education, we use the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for RE.

From Autumn 2018, we are delivering our PSHE curriculum through the PATHS programme. We have PATHS lessons twice a week during which we will cover many topics including friendship, feelings, thinking skills and problem solving. In PATHS, we will also be learning about giving compliments to other people and to ourselves.  Every day, we will have a ‘PATHS Pupil of the Day’. This child, chosen at random, is a special helper in PATHS time and helps with other jobs throughout the day. Being PATHS Pupil of the Day is an important job and all children will have a turn in the coming weeks.  At the end of each day, children and adults will give compliments to the PATHS Pupil of the Day. These will be written on a special certificate to take home for the child to share with their families.

If you would like to find out more information about our curriculum in Key Stage Two, please contact the school office to make an appointment.