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Computing is everywhere in modern life. Most jobs require computer skills, most children have access to computers or the internet either at school or at home. As a result of this Poringland Primary and Nursery School have placed computing in our School Development Plan, as we want to equip and teach children to be competent when using a computer.

Key Changes

In September 2015 the school updated the equipment. Thirty new Apple Macbooks were purchased and extra laptops for different classes, including interactive screens for the children in Reception. The equipment before was good but this was taking Computing to the next level.

With 30 new laptops, which are very modern and fast, children are now able to have a lesson in Computing where they each have their own computer to learn on. Children of Key Stage 2 especially did not take long to master the Apple laptops and learn how to operate them.


The new curriculum changed ICT as we knew it significantly. Computing ,as we now know it, has much more skills and experiences that the children should be part of than in the old curriculum.

Children still learn to use Microsoft programs like Word and Powerpoint. They still learn the day to day skills required to produce written documents and presentations. They still learn the skills of research, and the Macbooks are highly effective when accessing the internet to research facts and information linked to the topic.

Our new area of focus is programming. Poringland have introduced a comprehensive planning guide to teach programming from Year 1 up to Year 6. Children are learning what algorithms are and how to create instructions and sequences. ‘Scratch’ and ‘Kodu’ are two such programs that are incorporated in the teaching of programming. We are developing the skills and understanding of the staff, which in turn is enhancing the learning of the children.


At Poringland Primary and Nursery, we take e-safety very seriously. Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teach children how to stay safe using the internet. In Key Stage 2 assemblies allow children to think and develop their skills and understanding of how to stay safe. Research shows that cyber-bullying is the modern way that children or adults can affect others negatively and children need the right skills to prevent this from happening.