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On Thursday 9th January 2020 and Friday 10th January 2020, Year 3 and Year 4 travelled to Warner Brothers Studio Tour near Watford.  

As part of their current topic, the children have been studying castles, as well as avidly reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Upon arrival at the studios, we were treated to a creative writing workshop, where we had to work in together to create an idea for a new story. 

Wearing special white gloves, we were given a range of interesting props to handle, and these were to inspire us with creative ideas

Following this, we explore the studios and sets within small groups, and were amazed by all the fantastic things that we saw.  It really stimulated our imaginations.

Thanks to everyone  who made this amazing trip possible!

My favourite part was the dragon in Gringotts. It was
scary when he came walking towards us and breathed fire.

I enjoyed learning about how they made the masks for the
goblins. It was really clever how they were designed.

I am a massive fan of Harry Potter. Going to the studios
was really exciting for me. I loved walking through the
forbidden forest best and I loved looking at the models
and learning about how they created the film. Alfie

My favourite part was the model of Hogwarts castle at
the end. I was really surprised that the model is in the
film because it looks for big in the film. Cody

I liked it when you first walked it. I thought I was not
expecting this because it all looked so magical. I liked
seeing the cupboard under the stairs and feeling the snow.

I can’t pick my favourite part because it was all so good.
But I did like seeing Gringotts because you got to see the
goblins and all the gold bars and I loved the spiders in the
Forbidden Forest, they were really cool! Lily Br

I like sitting in the flying car and Mrs Hamilton took a
photo of me and I liked seeing Privet Drive. Harrison B

My favourite part was the Hogwarts Express because you
could hold on to the trolley and pretend you are going
through the wall. Oli

I liked going on the knight bus and I got to hold a sword, it
was fun. Phoebe

I thought is was fantastic and I thought it was nice that
some parents came with us. I got to touch a chocolate
frog! Hector

I was amazed when the doors opened to the great hall and
I saw the puddings on fire. Chester

I liked it when I made the broomstick go up! Sophie W