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Welcome to Poringland Primary and Nursery School! We are extremely proud of our school, and our community of staff, pupils and parents work together to provide a friendly, nurturing school.  Our ...

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We were extremely proud to take part in the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios Event.  It was wonderful to be able to showcase all the hard work of pupils and staff, across the full scope of the arts.









Fantastic, well thought out displays that showcase the children’s artwork. A great idea and nice to see the school so colourful! Well done to all those involved!

The children seem so proud of their school!

Great Sixties Dancing from the Year 4/5s!

Very impressed with the amount of different artwork on display!

What a lovely exhibition. So nice to see all the amazing work that the children have produced. Also a great opportunity to walk around the school. This is a truly wonderful school with so many great opportunities for the kids. Big thank you.

A really fun and great exhibition. A lovely variety of display methods. Thanks very much.

A fabulous way to display the children’s artwork and to involve the local community.

A lovely opportunity to meet the staff and see the work that the children have done!