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Using the Sports Fund: April 2016 to April 2017

At our school, value the School Sports Premium hugely. It helps us to develop and improve our teaching and learning, and fits in with our school vision of healthy, active learning.

We use our money to provide our children with many new opportunities. We have a minibus, which facilitates the provision of high quality swimming and inter-school sport. We have a Cluster P.E. teacher, who organises cluster sporting events throughout the year. 

The majority of our money is spent on high quality coaching and P.E. equipment for our children. Our Year 6 children will visit Whitlingham again this year and partake in water sports such as Kayaking and Sailing. We have specialist gymnastics and P.E. coaching to improve the learning experiences of our pupils and to develop the skills of our teachers. We recently upgraded the gymnastics mats so that there are now 15 large mats and 15 small mats.


P.E. and active learning is at the heart of everything we do at Poringland. Below is a break down of some of the things we have done from April 2016 to April 2017:


Whitlingham – Year 5 children visited Whitlingham activities centre in the summer term. They attended a 6 week bushcraft program


Cost per family 40 pounds – £1240

Cost for the school –                £2112


Total Cost from Sports fund is   £ 872


Whitlingham – Year 6 children visited Whitlingham in the summer term (2016). They took part in water activities such as Kayaking, canoeing and other water based sports.


Cost per family 40 pounds – £ 1840

Cost for the school –                 £ 2640


Total Cost from Sports fund is   £ 800


Total Cost £ 1672


Sports Coach – From Norwich City Sports

Harry Scott £ 1300 cost for coach


Harry has been coaching all Year 1/2 children multisports on a Monday.


Sports Coach – From Pro-sports coaching

James Colbeck £ 1000 cost for school


Autumn Term


I would like the Year 1 and Year 2 children to have Gymnastic coaching in the Autumn Term. I have provisionally booked a coach who is well known to us for 2 mornings.


I hope to then have Gymnastic coaching for our Key Stage 2 children.



This would be £1440 for the school.


Total cost so far this year is £5,412


Click on the link below to find out more about how we have been spending our Sports Premium Funding:

Sports Premium Funding