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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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It has been a busy summer and there is much happening at Poringland Primary and Nursery School. Here are some key things to know about right now. (September 2017)


  • We have had a permanent Headteacher appointed in September 2017. Peter Dean has been the Acting Head since January 2017, and so the school will continue to develop with the same Senior Leadership Team in place.
  • Capco built the new outside play area in Nursery and the new Play Area on the Infant Playground. The results are stunning and the children and adults are loving the new outdoor space. Our PTA are now fundraising for the next project and it is just as exciting, if not more!
  • We currently have our extension being built with 2 new classrooms and a work room being built by Gills. All has started well and they are making good progress with the build. This will be eventually enable us to become a 2 form school of over 400 pupils!
  • Sport will be a priority for the school, as usual this year. Mr Dean will be developing some football teams for both boys and girls, and looking for tournaments to enter and schools to play against. Our Netball club is up and running and again we will be looking for matches. With our Sports Funding, we will be bringing in specialist coaches to develop our teaching and learning of P.E. and this will be in line with our School’s vision of being healthy and active. This term, we have Rachel coming in to teach Gymnastics to our Year 1 classes and our Year 2 classes. We hope that this will extend to the Key Stage 2 children, as we look to develop our coverage of Gymnastics. Other coaches will be brought in later this academic year, and our Year 6 children will be going to Whitlingham to learn about water sports.
  • This term, our administrative staff will be looking at modernising the way we communicate. We are looking specifically at ParentMail, which will hopefully improve our emailing system, and our payment system. There is more to come on this very soon.
  • We have bought an exciting new Science program, developed by former Head, Sarah Minty. This interactive forum will improve the way we teach and think about Science in Key Stage 2. Sarah is coming in this month to introduce our staff in Key Stage 2 to the interactive service.   The children will be hearing about this very soon from their teachers.