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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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  • Continue to improve outdoor areas for play.
  • Improve outdoor learning – new initiatives and ideas.
  • Improve areas inside that need change e.g. hall
  • Develop courtyard into learning area and ext for hall.
  • Teachers continue developing new ways of teaching lessons.
  • Improved facilities in subjects like Science.
  • Continued improvement in communication across the school.
  • New ideas that enable mental wellbeing – new initiatives.
  • Continue developing School Leaders – Digital, wellbeing etc.
  • New ideas for games and activities during play.
  • Improve the toilets for staff and for children.
  • Continued success in fundraising from our PTA.
  • More plants grown in and out of building.
  • A better wildlife area – Nice spot for Time Out.
  • Staff and children to take more care of things.
  • More learning about feelings and emotions.
  • More opportunities to represent the school.
  • Continued support and involvement of our Governors.
  • A strong feeling of identity and pride attached to Poringland.



  • New Specialist P.E. coaches to develop new skills
  • New fun opportunities such as Whitlingham water sports.
  • More opportunities for sport against other schools.
  • Whole school initiatives such as Run a Mile.
  • More lessons that encourage active learning.
  • Problem solving such as Maths Puzzle Day in classes.
  • Whole school themed days.
  • Whole school mix up days – different year groups together.
  • Improved outdoor spaces e.g. Infant playground.
  • More equipment to use and play with at break times.
  • Clubs that encourage exercise and activity.
  • Continued new ideas and support from our Governing Body.
  • Continued scientific evidence of how active learning works.
  • Opportunities for staff to share new ideas.
  • A School Council ‘Sports team’ to contribute ideas.



  • Continued exciting trips.
  • Continued residential trips for older pupils.
  • Guests to visit the school who inspire us all.
  • Staff to visit inspirational schools to learn new ideas.
  • Continued assemblies with inspirational themes.
  • Develop the CAPCO build into the woods outside.
  • Mud Kitchens for the EYFS children.
  • Outdoor learning facilities to inspire our learners.
  • New games and sports to play outside.
  • Improved ICT facilities to keep school modern.
  • New learning resources to inspire e.g. Science
  • A front of school that welcomes and inspires all.
  • Improved learning facilities – extended hall.
  • Continued outstanding displays and corridors.
  • New initiatives – creative whole school projects/ideas
  • Team Teach – Teachers experimenting creatively.
  • Continued events that inspire from the PTA
  • Continue to develop the wildlife area.
  • Inspirational experiences such as O2 singing.



  • Continue to teach children and adults about healthy living.
  • Continue to learn how the brain operates when learning.
  • Continue to understand that healthy body = healthy mind.
  • Find new ways to become a healthy school – lead way.
  • Continue to develop school hall for active lessons.
  • Work with kitchen to improve quality of food.
  • Work with parents to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle.
  • Develop active lessons that engage body and mind.
  • Improve/Clean toilets for adults and children.
  • Displays that promoted our healthy ethos around school.
  • A school council group who assist with input and ideas.
  • Promote healthy packed lunches.
  • Improve opportunities to learn to cook healthy food at school
  • Find other schools to learn from who have a healthy ethos.
  • Ensure the work/life balance of our staff is healthy.
  • Encourage out of school interests for children and adults.
  • More opportunities for parents to join in.
  • Continued PTA events such as the Colour Run.



  • Children who continue to enjoy coming to our school.
  • Children who are healthy and mentally well.
  • Children who love challenge and adventure.
  • Children who are used to being taken out of comfort zone.
  • Children who have opportunities to inspire them.
  • Children who are active in their learning.
  • Children who compete against other schools.
  • Children who excel in Computing.
  • Children who have an outside area to enjoy playing in.
  • Children who eat healthily.
  • Children who help keep the building clean and tidy.
  • Children who understand their emotions and feelings.
  • Children who respect each other and the staff at all times.
  • Children who understand why the are learning.
  • Children who always strive to learn more.
  • Children who participate with our Vision.
  • Children who love P.E. and being active.
  • Children who are proud to be at this school.
  • Children who succeed in their learning at Poringland.