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Welcome to the website for our school Poringland Primary and Nursery School. We have a wonderful school that we are all very proud of. The whole of our community work ...

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September 2017


This year, as a whole school community, we have created a clear vision for our school. This is the foundation for all of our energy, creativity and determination, and our ultimate goal:



All children will leave Poringland with a desire to learn, inspired by innovative teaching and active learning; with the skills and self belief to enable them to succeed; with the confidence to solve problems, welcome challenges and to be independent learners who have a love for learning. Children will understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. They will have a respect for others and a sense of moral responsibility as citizens in a modern world.


Poringland Primary School and Nursery will be known for its caring, supportive environment; a school where staff are valued and respected, who work together tirelessly to ensure everyone reaches their potential, both children and adults.