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Governing Body Impact Report 2016-17

We believe that the role of the Governing Body is to support the Headteacher and Senior Leaders to ensure that all children achieve their potential within a safe, caring and inspirational environment. We work actively and with commitment to fulfil this objective.

There has been regular attendance at meetings – six Full Governing Body, six Education Committee and six Resources Committee meetings throughout the year. Each member has specific responsibilities, which involve visits to school, and monitoring activities, outside of the meetings.

The last academic year was challenging, with the sudden resignation of the previous headteacher, but we are confident that standards, both academic and of children’s welfare, remained high.

This year we have continued to make positive progress towards becoming an outstanding school.

  • A lot of thought went into creating an appropriate person specification for a new headteacher, in order to ensure that we appointed the right person for our school.

As no candidate was found suitable at interview, the decision was taken to provide stability for a year and re-advertise for January 2018.

  • Supported by the governing body, the new leadership structure, though temporary, moved the school forward with both commitment and enthusiasm; motivating staff and strengthening a team spirit as well as maintaining a focus on standards.
  • Two new governors joined us: one with financial skills, the other with personnel expertise. This has very much enhanced our ability to support the leadership team.
  • A governor with knowledge of safeguarding has helped the school improve safeguarding systems and organised staff training.
  • Performance management for all staff has been improved with a governor working closely with the acting headteacher to help with this.
  • A group of governors has been responsible for setting and monitoring objectives for the Acting Headteacher, focussing on measurable school improvement.
  • We believe that staff welfare is vital to maintaining high teaching standards, and we are pleased that a survey showed much improved staff morale.
  • Parent and pupil questionnaires have also shown positive opinions, with any areas for concern noted for suitable action.
  • Governors have closely monitored progress towards the aims of the school improvement plan. The Acting Headteacher has provided regular explanations and evidence at Full Governing Body meetings.
  • Governors have been involved in scrutinising evidence for school self evaluation, agreeing the Acting Headteacher’s judgement of ‘good’ in all areas, with ‘outstanding’ for children’s personal development, behaviour and welfare.
  • The Education Committee analyses data and performance in depth, challenging any lack of progress.
  • The Resources Committee monitors the budget closely, questioning any discrepancies, and only sanctioning large expenditures after careful consideration of its impact on learning. The budget is in a healthy position at present.
  • Pupil Premium and School Sports Premium funding have been scrutinised in detail to ensure that they are targeted correctly and effectively.
  • The Resources Committee is also responsible for health and safety, making visual checks, and ensuring that policies are appropriate and followed.
  • Governors have agreed to partly finance from the budget an improved outdoor environment for the nursery and main school, which will enhance both play and learning. This is in conjunction with funds raised by the PTA.
  • A new extension to the building has been approved and governors have been liaising with property management services to ensure this is safe and appropriate.
  • Governors and staff have been considering a new school vision statement which will reflect our beliefs and values. This should be finalised in September.
  • We are keen to keep abreast of new initiatives and developments in education. The Acting Headteacher has provided information and training courses have been attended or completed on line.

We should like to acknowledge the hard work and determination of all staff in ensuring that children at Poringland Primary and Nursery School have a successful, enjoyable and memorable education.

Janette Johns

Chair of Governors