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Governing Body Impact Report 2015-2016

The role of the Governing Body is to support the strategic leadership of the school working closely with the Headteacher and senior leaders to ensure that all children achieve the very best they can within a safe and caring community.

The overall focus for the last academic year has been to move the school from an Ofsted judgement of ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’.

Six full meetings are held each year along with six education committee and six resource committee meetings.

The last academic year saw a concerted effort to strengthen the impact of the Governing Body:

  • New governors have been appointed using a skills audit to ensure a broad knowledge base.
  • Each governor has a specific monitoring role so that all areas of our remit are covered.
  • A new clerk has been recruited who is able to advise governors on protocol, ensure agendas cover all requisite items and generally keep governors informed. Minutes now clearly show how governors challenge the leadership team and the detail of discussion. These can be viewed on the school website.
  • Governors have been working with staff to develop a revised school vision to ensure that our ethos and values are clear and current.
  • All governors are aware of the importance of safeguarding children and of the legislation regarding this. Visitor awareness has been strengthened and governors ensure that school policy is effective.
  • The education committee has monitored the progress of all children through detailed scrutiny of data, work scrutiny and subject leader reports. Any areas of concern have been the subject of in depth discussion.
  • The resource committee has evaluated the use of finances to ensure propriety and value for money including the pupil premium and sports premium allocations. Financial implications over 3-5 years have been considered carefully so that the school does not accumulate too great a surplus or create a deficit. The Governing Body believes that the priorities set by the Headteacher are consistent with raising standards. This includes strategic decisions regarding class sizes and teacher recruitment.
  • Following a large investment in IT equipment, a governor has monitored the impact of this through classroom observations with very positive outcomes.
  • Governors are aware of the expected growth in pupil numbers and have sanctioned a reclassification of the school to group 3. The necessary building extension work is being monitored, working with the Headteacher to ensure there is sufficient class and recreation space
  • A group of governors is responsible for the performance management of the Headteacher – setting and reviewing key objectives.
  • Outstanding schools are expected to support other schools and the Governing Body supported the Headteacher in taking a temporary acting headteacher role for the 3 Rivers federation, closely monitoring the impact of this on all schools and with regard for the increased workload of the Headteacher. In spite of the very positive impact, a strategic decision was taken to end this commitment when it was considered unsustainable as Poringland is our priority.
  • Whilst not directly responsible, governors have questioned the outcomes of the performance management of teachers to ensure high standards of teaching and learning and appropriate use of resources for professional development;
  • Governors take both pupil and staff welfare seriously. Surveys of pupils, staff and parents have been analyzed and any areas of concern have been targeted.
  • Governors have attended a variety of training courses to ensure they have the skills and up to date knowledge to fulfill their role as well as through reading government documents and Norfolk County Council updates.

This has been a challenging year with changes to assessment and SATs. The Governing Body would like to thank the Headteacher and all staff for their hard work and dedication to high standards which have made the children’s education both enjoyable and successful.