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Dear Parents/Carers,

We are very pleased to welcome everyone back to school and a warm welcome to new parents. We recognise that some parents may have been concerned about their children returning to school, so it is heartening to see that attendance is so high.

Throughout the lockdown and subsequent limited opening, the Head and Deputy Head have kept governors informed about online learning, provision for keyworkers’ or vulnerable children and arrangements for reopening.

The governors have been impressed by the positive attitude from the staff and the effort made to support home learning as well as providing some light entertainment with videos!

In order to reopen the school, management had to complete a lengthy, detailed risk assessment to ensure that all possible safety measures had been taken. This has involved a lot of work reorganising school routines and classrooms but your children’s welfare is a top priority and we are confident that all possible measures have been put in place.

Thank you to parents for supporting the new measures of social distancing and masks, which we appreciate is not easy. We do need to keep our staff safe as well as the children.

I have visited the school and was impressed by the purposeful atmosphere and relative normality as regards learning as well as the level of responsibility shown by the children accepting their new rules and systems. Even with home schooling, it is inevitable that children will have fallen behind with their learning. The government has promised some extra money and strategies for supporting children to catch up on lost learning will be monitored by the governors.

Our regular meetings continue virtually and detailed reports are provided by the headteacher on all aspects of school life. We continue to support the school with the vision of active learning and the extension of the outdoor play area plus covered reception area are a positive addition to the school grounds. We are limited in outdoor space and hall space which is one of the reasons the governors have actively fought against proposals to increase numbers by having mobile classrooms. The school is now practically full and we believe increased numbers would have a detrimental effect on present children.

Measures against Covid have had a financial consequence, however the school is in a positive position at the moment financially and is able to absorb these costs. Technology is a major expense and planning takes account of necessary future expense in this area. One major input this year is for reading books. Literacy is a key area for development and reading is at the heart of this. It is also an area which can be easily supported at home, especially if your child has to self isolate for any reason.

While face to face meetings are not possible it is still important that parents are kept informed and that the school and parents work together. Parent mail works well and there is information on the website, but please do contact the teacher if you have any concern. We are really pleased that the parent questionnaire gave such positive responses and we hope that your children will continue to enjoy their time at Poringland and achieve every success.

Janette Johns

Chair of Governors